Sunday, 30 March 2014

Widdershins, a comic book

At London Super Comic Con, my Young Man insisted we had to visit the table of Kate Ashwin. He had a copy of her comic book, Widdershins, Sleight of Hand, and wanted to buy the second and third installments.
He lent me the first book. I've just got round to reading it - and I can see now why he was so keen to buy more! It's a slightly alternative-history 1830s, and Sid Malik, a failed wizard who is about to be evicted from his lodgings, gets accidentally involved with pipe-smoking Harriet Barber, bounty hunter (and her dog). Chases, railway journeys, green demons, and the King of Thieves combine in a witty and enjoyable story, and Sid and Harriet are an engaging couple of characters.
And now I want to get the next installments, too.
Kate Ashwin has a website at

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