Sunday, 29 April 2018

Dambusters Tea

I occasionally treat myself to tea from the wonderful tea shop in Lincoln, Imperial Teas on Steep Hill. This time they had a new blend dedicated to the Dambusters 617 Squadron; Lincolnshire has strong links to the bomber squadrons of the Second World War, and especially Lancaster Bombers. It sounded interesting, so I sent off for it, and I've just opened the packet to put the tea in my tea caddy.
On the back of the packet, the blurb says that the tea is a blend of a strong, smooth Assam, and a "very special tea that adds a touch of honey, sweet tobacco and malt to the flavour. It also has an intriguing appearance."

They can say that again! It's got bouncing bombs in it! Made of tea!

I'm looking forward to my first cup of it.