Monday, 31 March 2014

Steed and Mrs Peel

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Emma Peel - elegant, sophisticated, brave, and intelligent. I wanted to dress in a slinky cat suit and throw villains across the room.
So my Young Man bought me a comic book for my birthday, A Very Civil Armageddon, with a story that pits Steed and Mrs Peel against the Hellfire Club (partly, I suspect, so they can use that costume with the spiky collar that she wore in the TV episode). The writer is Mark Waid (with Caleb Monroe) - I've been reading Mark Waid's Daredevil comics, and I like them a lot, but I wasn't sure initially that he would be able to pull off dialogue for two such English characters at the height of the Sixties.
The artists are Steve Bryant and Will Sliney.
In fact, he did the dialogue very well indeed, and he also brought out how much Emma and Steed care about each other between the witticisms, as well as getting the whimsical oddness that characterised the original series.
There was one point where I felt as if I'd missed something important - I wasn't quite clear how a bunch of cabinet ministers, Steed and Mrs Peel and members of the Hellfire Club all came to be sharing a nuclear bunker - but our heroes solved the mystery very satisfactorily - and now I'm going to be rewatching a few old episodes, and wondering if I could still fit into a cat suit!

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