Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Famous Five or Narnia?

I was reading a blog called bookwitch recently, and they were doing an interview with a writer in which they asked the question - Famous Five or Narnia? Which did you prefer when you were growing up?
I liked both - it wasn't an either/or question.
And now I have the image of George and Timmy exploring the secret passages at Smuggler's Top, and coming out in a forest with a street lamp in the middle of a clearing....
Timmy would frighten Mr Tumnus, and Anne would get on well with Mrs Beaver. There would be no equivalent of Edmund to go to the White Queen, so no need for Aslan's ultimate sacrifice, but there would be a battle, after which King Julian the Good and King Dick, Queen Georgina and Queen Anne would rule wisely and well from Caer Paravel, until they came back through the secret passage to Smuggler's Top in time to thwart the supposedly deaf butler and his cronies.

I wonder what the US equivalent question would be? Maybe Bobbsey Twins or Wizard of Oz?

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