Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Learning to use a Lucet

Here's a picture of a lucet with some cord, from Box Elder blog, which is written by Lucy, who lives in Brittany. Her description of how she came to learn the technique is on January 28th on her blog.
This is something I've been doing for some time, as a medieval craft, though as she says, it goes back to Viking times. The cords you can make with this simple tool are hard wearing and strong, and are useful for so many things, like bootlaces, or drawstrings for bags or clothing. Recently I've been lucetting loose cords, which I then plaited, and then wove into a rug on a peg loom. I've got them all around my bed now, and they're lovely and scrunchy to walk on in bare feet.
My latest project is to try a two coloured cord. Last year at Wonderwool, at the Royal Welsh Showground, I got some chunky wool in white and dark green, thinking I would make a belt. I've only just now got round to trying it, and the double loops are making a thick square cord which should go very well with my medieval dress and overtunic - the dress is red linen, and the overtunic is dark green wool.

This is me, outside one of Drudion's tents, at the Hereford History Weekend two years ago.

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