Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hunters Moon

To my great joy, I found the Green Arrow story Hunter's Moon, by Mike Grell, at Forbidden Planet, which is the follow up story to The Longbow Hunters.
These are the stories I remember when they first came out - I used to go to a comic shop round the corner from New Scotland Yard, and read Green Arrow stories over my (frankly rather horrible, but cheap) vegetarian curry in the police canteen. It's great to see them again - and they are just as good as I remember.
In fact, tucked away in one of my old scrapbooks, I found a few pages of one of the original comics. Green Arrow has come upon three thugs robbing a couple in a Seattle park, and proceeds to beat the stuffing out of them. "You know, just when I start to think there's hope for mankind," he says, "I run into guys like you, and my faith in human nature is restored."
One thing that impressed me when I first read the stories in the 1980s was that the characters had to deal with real problems - it wasn't all just beating up the bad guys and moving on to defeat the next supervillain.
Dinah Lance/Black Canary is still dealing with the trauma of her torture in the Longbow Hunters, to the extent of going to a hypnotherapist about it - but she really gets back to being her old self when she gets into a situation where she can beat up some bad guys!
This also does wonders for her love life with Oliver, and that's something else I didn't expect when I started reading the comics - bedroom scenes!
Some of the stories, or scenes in stories, I remembered vividly on re-reading, but some I didn't remember at all. I don't think I got every issue of the comic originally. It was all great fun, and I'm looking forward to finding the next volume of the series.

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