Friday, 8 January 2016

The Amazing Kreskin

A chap came into the bookshop where I work the other day and bought a book about hypnotism. He said he was going to send it to a friend in the States, who has a collection of six and half thousand books on hypnotism - but not that one, even though he's mentioned in it several times.
So I asked who the man's friend was - and he said Mr. Kreskin.
I remember coming home from school for lunch when The Amazing Kreskin was on lunchtime TV, back in the 1970s. I was always very impressed with what he could do.

The man told me how they had met, thirty years ago. He does a bit of magic and hypnotism himself, and had gone to a show that Mr Kreskin put on, with a portrait he had painted to give to him. The show had a late finish - 1am, but he went to the stage door after the show with his parcel. An enormous bodyguard opened the door to him, and said that Mr Kreskin didn't want to be disturbed - he was eating his chicken and chips. My customer explained about he portrait he had painted, and the bodyguard took it in to the theatre. A little while later, he returned. "Give him fifteen minutes," he said. So, after Mr Kreskin had finished his meal, my customer went in to see him and chat. They've been friends ever since.

He's still active in the States, I was surprised to find - he has an official website.

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