Sunday, 17 January 2016

Doctor Who Unbound from Big Finish

Some time ago, I heard about a CD put out by Big Finish in which the Doctor has regenerated into female form, and is hiding out from the Time Lords by working at a supermarket and going down the pub.
I've finally got round to ordering it from Big Finish. It's called Exile, by Nicholas Briggs, in the Doctor Who Unbound series, and stars Arabella Weir as the Doctor. A bonus is the fact that David Tennant plays Time Lord 2 (and I wouldn't have known - he sounds very different from his usual voice).
Well, I'm glad I listened to it, but there was rather too much drinking to excess and throwing up afterwards for my taste. It was very much played for laughs (as with the Time Lords arriving in the year 2000 dressed like something out of Starsky and Hutch).

While I was looking at the Doctor Who Unbound series, I noticed Sympathy for the Devil, by Jonathan Clements, and decided to order that as well.
This was very impressive! The Doctor this time is David Warner, who plays it much in the style of Patrick Troughton. He has been exiled to Earth by the Time Lords - but instead of arriving in the 1970s and joining UNIT, he arrives in 1997. So this is an alternate time line where UNIT had to deal with all sorts of alien threats without the Doctor's help.
The Doctor arrives in Hong Kong, on the eve of the handover to Chinese control, and finds the retired Brigadier running a pub on the waterfront. And then an invisible plane crashes on the hillside.
Again, there's the bonus of David Tennant, playing Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood - this time with a broad Scottish accent, and an antagonistic attitude towards the Brig.
It's got Buddhist monks, and an old enemy, and I enjoyed it immensely!

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