Sunday, 26 April 2015

Widdershins: Piece of Cake

This is the fourth Widdershins comic book to come out - and I now have the full set, plus a pin for The Royal Society of Bounty Hunters, with smoking pipe logo, which I've clipped to the cape of my Sherlock Holmes coat.
Each story has been a little bit different, but they all centre on the magical town of Widdershins. This one starts in 2013, as an amateur cook heads for a baking competition in the Hotel Gula (which means throat in Italian) - only to find herself imprisoned in a time travelling gluttony spell. The link to previous books is one of the Victorian servants of the hotel, sister to the bounty hunter of previous stories.
It's nice to see a black lead character whose colour is incidental - she's a baker of delicious cakes, first and foremost. Other characters include a pair of cocktail making con artists from the 1920s, a gay chef from 2032 (whose sexual preferences are also incidental - he's first and foremost a chef and antagonist to our heroine) and a cookery book writer from the 1950s, all kidnapped by the insatiable hotel.
It's all great fun, and a satisfying read.
Kate Ashwin, writer and artist, has a website at

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