Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ex Machina

The local cinema were showing Ex Machina a few weeks ago, so we went to the afternoon showing. The Young Man was expecting it to be something along the same lines as The Machine, which is also a film about an artificial intelligence in a female robot form - but this was quite different, and quite a bit creepier. Partly, I think this was due to the claustrophobic atmosphere of the house/research lab, remote home of the computing genius who had built Ava, the AI. This was actually filmed at the Juvet hotel in Norway, which is a spectacular location - and strangely, an article about the hotel came up on my Facebook page on the evening after we'd seen the film. The film rests on the performances of the three leads - the young programmer, his boss and Ava. The only other character who is on screen for any length of time is the Oriental girl who acts as the boss's servant, and she never speaks.
It's intelligent, adult SF, and it really makes you think.
I highly recommend it.

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