Monday, 11 August 2014

Packing for WorldCon

It's fortunate that my Young Man found me a Very Big Suitcase on Wheels - because I'm taking four different costumes to wear, that require three different pairs of boots!
The first day of the Con has quite a bit of Doctor Who content, including a Doctor Who party at the end of the day, so I will be Dr. Liz Shaw, Companion to Jon Pertwee and UNIT scientist. That's fairly easy - all I need is a white coat and a short skirt, and I'll be carrying a clipboard. Crossing the time lines a bit, my Young Man will be Malcolm Taylor, the Welsh UNIT scientist in the more recent Christmas special that had the double decker bus in the desert.
Since I already have the costumes for Captain Marvel and Green Arrow, it would be a shame not to wear them again - and they require a pair of red boots for Captain Marvel, and green boots for Green Arrow. And the Young Man will be joining me as a steampunked Captain Britain, and Green Lantern.
But the most elaborate costumes will be in honour of Bryan Talbot, one of the Guests of Honour, who wrote and illustrated (among other things) the Grandville graphic novels.
The Young Man is going to be Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard, and I will be his girlfriend the Divine Sarah, with badger makeup and wig (and the third, lace up, pair of boots under my crinoline skirt).
I'm not going to attempt getting the bus and tube to Excel wearing the crinoline - the underskirt is going on when I get there, as is the make up!
This is the look we're aiming for:

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