Monday, 4 August 2014

Con-Tours for LonCon3

There were several people wearing bright pink badges around Hay today. One lady was also carrying a black shopping bag with the pink logo (of a plump dragon) which included the word "LonCon3".
"Are you going to WorldCon?" I asked.
She explained that she was on a coach tour with 38 people who were seeing the sights of England (and Wales) before going on to London and the World SF and Fantasy Convention. Apparently, this has been done before, when WorldCon was in Japan. One of the ladies I spoke to had been going to WorldCons for forty years (though she missed the only one I'd been able to get to - WorldCon 87 in Brighton)!
It's just possible that I'll see some of them there, among the over 8,000 people who will be attending the Con.
So this has made me very happy - and glad that I'm going. I'd be incredibly depressed if I'd met these people and I wasn't going to be attending the Con myself!

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