Thursday, 21 August 2014

Cosplaying at WorldCon

WorldCon is not like ComicCons - the interest is more literary, and there are fewer hall costumes on display. Having said that, there were a few people wearing costumes who had really made an effort, like the two Jawas who even spoke like the ones in the films. There was also an Imperial Stormtrooper, and a Cyberman, several Steampunks, a Minbari lady from Babylon 5 (with hair, so a human hybrid), a lady Sixth Doctor in an amazing patchwork dress, and more - and I wasn't the only Captain Marvel. There was another lady from Poland. We had our picture taken together:

One of the high points of the Con for me, though, was on the Saturday, when my Young Man and I were waiting to go into Bryan Talbot's talk on the history of anthropomorphic animals in comics. We were dressed as his characters Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard and his girlfriend the Divine Sarah. Bryan Talbot himself came past - and he took our photo! A little later, we got Hall Costume medals, too (I am so proud!). And here are the costumes, picture taken by our friend Becky:

The Young Man did the makeup - he's far better at that sort of thing than I am.
I found it quite difficult to go to the toilet in that crinoline, and I had to sit on the end of rows of chairs at the talks we went to that day.

We were also UNIT scientists Malcolm Taylor and Liz Shaw on the first day, and here is another picture taken by Becky:

On the other days, the Young Man wore his Captain Britain tshirt when I was Captain Marvel, and we were also Green Lantern and Green Arrow - someone asked where the Young Man's ring was, so he showed off the ring that lights up. I got stopped by a volunteer and asked to go to Ops to have my bow and arrow checked for safety. The weapons policy is quite strict, but the toy bow and the arrow with a little boxing glove on the end passed the test ("Stab me with it," the lady said, holding out her hand - and the boxing glove is quite well padded, so that was okay).
At the end of that evening we took the tube to Woolwich Arsenal and a taxi the rest of the way home. I was still wearing the costume and the taxi driver said: "You're not going to rob me, are you?"
"It's okay - I only rob the rich!" I said, deciding it was too much effort to explain I was Green Arrow rather than Robin Hood.

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