Thursday, 12 June 2014

Voting for the Hugos

This is all quite exciting.
I don't remember what happened in 1987, the last time I went to a WorldCon, but I'm pretty sure we didn't get packages of Hugo nominees to look at before we voted on them. In fact, I didn't go to the Hugo award ceremony at all - I was in another hall with the filk singers (I remember enjoying a trio of a capella singers called Technical Difficulties). Of course, back then, the only computer I had access to was my friend's BBC Micro, which used cassette tapes!
This time, it's much easier to vote from a position of knowledge without having spent large amounts of time and money collecting new releases in all the different categories. So I've just been downloading nominated novels, novellas, short stories, fan and pro art, and graphic stories to have a look at before I make my choice. It's a brilliant perk of membership of the Convention. One of the graphic stories on the list is Paul Cornell's The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who, which I was considering voting for - I had wanted to get it when it came out, but I missed the publication date, being so far from a comic shop of any sort. But now I see there's something called Girl Genius, which looks intriguing....
I'm better placed with the TV and film categories, which I have seen quite a few of - but do I choose An Adventure in Space and Time or The Five(ish) Doctors Revisited, which both have merits in their different ways? And having listened to a few of the Big Finish audio adventures now, I'm getting a new appreciation of Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy.
At least I've got until 31st July to make my decisions.

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