Monday, 23 June 2014

Becoming the Divine Sarah for a day

When I go to WorldCon, one of the things I will be doing is dressing up as a badger (as you do!). One of the guests of honour is Bryan Talbot, who writes and illustrates the Grandville graphic novels, which are about a badger who is an inspector at Scotland Yard. It's kind of like Rupert Bear with more violence, in an alternate Steampunk-esque reality. In fact, Rupert Bear's dad turns up in the background of a panel in the first story, cutting his garden hedge!
So my Young Man is planning to be Inspector Archie LeBrock, in caped coat and waistcoat and bowler hat (though he's disappointed that he won't be able to take his Very Big Gun along - the weapons policy of the convention rather rules that out). I will be Archie's love interest from the first Grandville story, the Divine Sarah, a character modelled on the great Victorian actress Sarah Bernhardt. So I will be wearing a crinoline skirt with added bustle, and a corset over my blouse. And this is why it's a good idea to try out a costume before the big day - I've grown sideways! The last time I wore the corset, it fitted beautifully. This time, I need more ribbon to lace it up. Quite a bit more ribbon....
Fortunately, I have found something suitable in my ribbon stash - black with a silver edging. The whole ensemble is mainly black with a touch of green, and white highlights. I've even got a black wig with white streaks.
If we're very brave, we'll put the badger makeup on at home, and travel to the Con on bus and Docklands Light Railway partly in costume (I'm never going to get up the stairs of a London bus in a crinoline!).

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