Wednesday, 31 July 2013

All I Wanted was a Tshirt.... shouldn't be so difficult, surely?

So, I read Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight. I thought that Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel was a really cool character, and I would really like a tshirt in the colours of her costume, with the red shoulders and gold star and stripes and blue body.
There's a whole internet out there, selling all manner of stuff - surely someone makes this?

As it turns out - no.

There's someone on Red Bubble who is selling a tshirt which is kind of like what I'm after - but that's it.

So I went on the Marvel Comics website. Captain Marvel is their character. If anyone sells merchandise for that character, it should be them, right?
They sell 34 tshirts and tops on their website. Thirty of them are labelled "for men" and "for boys" (though I don't see why little girls shouldn't be able to wear the small tshirts - they're the same shape as boys when they're children, more or less).
Four out of 34 tshirts are labelled "for women". Of these. one has a picture of Iron Man, with the caption "I only kiss heroes". One is labelled Girl Power, and features six female superheroes, including Ms Marvel. One is labelled "I Love a Man in Uniform" with several male superheroes depicted, and the final one has the caption "Girls Rule the World", with the description "plus plenty of glitter to chase the bad guys away." Pink glitter.

I was not impressed.

Also on the site are 10 items of sleepwear, all "for boys", 9 costumes and accessories, all "for boys", and six outerwear, all "for boys".

Seriously, Marvel - this is rubbish! You're ignoring fifty per cent of the population, many of whom would like to buy your merchandise, if only you provided it.

On the plus side, while I was looking for something to wear, I came across the Carol Corps, at and they are brilliant. They also appear to make their own costumes.

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  1. With a little more digging, and some help from my Young Man, I have now found some brilliant tshirts on It's just a pity that the shipping to the UK is so expensive. The page is:

    (Now he'd like Marvel to do some Captain Britain tshirts!)