Friday, 5 July 2013

Captain Marvel

I think I've found someone else that I want to be when I grow up!
(The first choice is Sarah Jane Smilth, obviously.)

Today I picked up a copy of Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight in Hereford, and I read it in the sunshine on the banks of the Wye while sipping some of the best beers the Beer on the Wye Festival could provide.
And Carol Danvers is awesome!
First of all, she has a sensible costume now, instead of flashing bare skin all over the place. She is (or was), after all, a Colonel in USAF - outranking Captain America, as she reminds him in the opening fight sequence.
It's a timeslip story - and it takes in some of the real heroic women pilots of the past - the women who ferried planes for the RAF and USAF in the Second World War, (at this point, the story suddenly becomes Commando Weekly for a while - and none the worse for that!) and the Mercury 13, who passed all the tests the men did who were training to be astronauts, but were still denied the opportunity to join the programme because this was 1961 - and they didn't have any experience in flying jets. Since only men got the opportunity to fly jets - well, they were cheated, and they should have been up there.
These are sensible women characters who have goals and desires well beyond being someone's girlfriend - they want to help the war effort (despite their lack of training), and they want to fly into space.

This is a wonderful comic book, and I will be looking out for more work by Kelly Sue DeConnick and the various artists who worked with her - principally Dexter Soy and Emma Rios, I think.

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