Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Beautiful Dress

I saw this rather gorgeous dress on Facebook, on the page of Celtic, Renaissance and Medieval Trim. It comes originally from designsbyladyfaire.deviantart.com - and we wants it, my precious!

Actually, it reminds me of a Star Trek Convention I went to in Birmingham many moons ago. There was a masked ball (David Gerrold was the guest of honour, and he spent the evening in his ordinary clothes, but carrying round a large inflatable banana which was wearing a mask). There were two ladies there in absolutely gorgeous Elizabethan dresses, one of which was not unlike this one. I guessed that one was Queen Elizabeth, and the other Mary, Queen of Scots - but she turned out to be Lady Blackadder.
I helped a friend to make a (male) Tudor Blackadder costume (well, I sat and watched her do all the complicated stuff), which took a huge amount of time and effort, and a lot of rewatching the videos ("Now, if he'd only just turn a little bit further so I can see the corner of his cloak...."), so to look at the male costume and, from that, design a dress.... simply amazing skill and dedication!

The male costume my friend made was worth all the hard work, though - the lad who wore it had girls falling at his feet all weekend!

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