Sunday, 18 June 2017

Vir Cotto Waves Farewell

I came late to Babylon 5 fandom - when it was first on TV, I didn't have access to a set, though I read the novelisations.
Then a friend lent me the entire 5 seasons, and the films, on DVD, and I came to appreciate the barbed wit of the exchanges between G'Kar and Londo, and the relationship between Ambassador Delenn and Captain John Sheridan.
And in the background there was Vir Cotto, light relief in the Centauri embassy - but as the show progressed, he became a more nuanced character, with a good heart.
And now I hear that Stephen Furst, who played Vir, has died, at the age of 63. He had suffered with diabetes for many years, and died of complications due to diabetes. He had a long and varied career on US TV, but Babylon 5 is the only work of his that I've come across.

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