Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sending up the Bat Signal for the Last Time

I heard yesterday that Batman had died. That's my Batman, of course, the first actor I saw take on the cowl. Adam West was 88, and brought a wonderful seriousness to the silliest situations. He was associated with the role all his life, and accepted it with great grace and humour.
In an alternate timeline, the pilot of Alexander the Great might have been picked up for a series in the 60s. Adam West was the co-star to William Shatner's Alexander, playing his friend Cleander - so if that series had taken off, there would have been a different actor in the Captain's seat of the Starship Enterprise as well.
He also played Col. Dan McReady in Robinson Crusoe on Mars, as the astronaut who did not survive the landing on the Red Planet.

Here is Batman sharing a milk shake with Catwoman.

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