Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Wicked Girls by Seanan McGuire

I first heard of Seanan McGuire when she was one of the guests of honour at the last but one EasterCon, held in a hotel at Heathrow. She was jet-lagged, and introduced herself by waving a hand towards the audience and proclaiming: "Everything is lizards!"
This did not stop her from doing talks and taking a full part in the Convention, though, and I'd seen enough to know that I wanted to track down some of her books.
I haven't quite managed that yet (my list of books I want to read is exceedingly long) but a little while ago I discovered that Seanan McGuire is also a singer. I came across a slightly ropy YouTube video of her singing Wicked Girls on stage at a US Convention, and instantly sent off for the CD.
It arrived today; I've just been playing it, and it does not disappoint!
The title track mentions famous girls of children's fantasy literature - Wendy, Dorothy, Alice, Susan and Lucy, and Jane. These were the good girls, who had adventures and then went back to boring reality. The song celebrates the wicked girls, who choose to carry on having adventures. "It's better to fly and it's better to die
Say the wicked girls saving ourselves."
But this is only one of 16 songs, about Snow Queens and mermaids, fairy tales and carnival lights, crows and ghosts, with accompaniment from various musicians on guitar, flute, harp, fiddle, drums, piano, cello and djembe.
And apparently, this is Seanan McGuire's fourth album, so I may well be going back to CD Baby (who took the CD from the shelf on a satin cushion, and bore it lovingly to the packing room, and held a party when they sent it off to me, putting my picture on the wall as their customer of the year - or so they said!) for more.

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