Friday, 27 January 2017

Trowelblazers - Eve Stewart and Cyprus

Eve Stewart was the second wife of James Stewart, of Sydney University. James had a long interest in the archaeology of Cyprus - he requested to be posted there during the Second World War, but spent most of the war as a POW. He also bequeathed his large collection of books about Cyprus to the Cyprus Museum before he began his war service.
His first wife, Eleanor, was also an archaeologist, and she assisted him on his early digs in Cyprus.

After the War, he headed back to Australia via Cyprus - he was to become the first person to teach archaeology formally at an Australian University. On the way met Eve Dray, who shared his interest in the archaeology of Cyprus. He arranged for Eve to come to Australia as his "technical assistant", and in 1951 he divorced Eleanor and married Eve.
James died in 1962, and Eve spent the next 50 years completing his work. She had some influence over the way the Department of Archaeology in Sydney University developed, and it was the collection put together by James and Eve that formed the basis of the Cypriot Collection in the Nicholson Museum.
There is a biography of the couple called Love's Obsession, by Judy Powell.

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