Saturday, 6 February 2016

Thunderbirds and Archaeology

I got the box set of the new Thunderbirds series for Christmas, and I've been loving it. I grew up with the original - and the remake has got it right, everywhere that counts! The launch sequences are superb, and true to the original - the palm trees still lean back for Thunderbird 2, and the swimming pool still slides back. The attention to detail makes me very happy when I'm watching it. (Brains' accent is a bit wierd, though....)
The scripts have been good, too - right up until they got to Tunnels in Time, the South American archaeology episode.
I could have accepted this one if it had been made in 1966 - just about. This view of archaeology was out-dated even then.

No archaeologist is like the one in the episode. I'm sure there could have been a good story about getting trapped in an ancient tomb which had a more realistic depiction of an archaeologist, but this looks as if it was written by somebody who knows nothing about real archaeology, but who has seen the Indiana Jones films. He came across as more of a treasure hunter than an archaeologist. A more realistic archaeologist would have been far more interested in how the traps worked and what that told us about whatever South American society it was supposed to be than in plundering the gold and silver.
And, of course, there's the little matter of the 1,000 year old traps in the pyramid/mountain/cave system that still work perfectly.

It's a pity really, because all the other episodes have been so much fun.

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