Saturday, 5 July 2014

"Chappie with Wings - Five Rounds Rapid!"

I'm not really a collector of action figures, but when I got my present computer, and discovered that it came with a Hub, I decided that I really needed a Captain Jack Harkness to defend it for me. There he is, in the shirt and braces.
Behind him is Rory Williams, because Rory is just lovely, and beside them is the Brigadier.
The Brig is one of my favourite characters in Doctor Who, and I was disappointed to find that there isn't an individual action figure of him. However, he does come as a part of several sets, and the best of the sets from my point of view was the Daemons set - so I got the Master and Bok the demon as a bonus!
Now, if only they did a Sergeant Benton....

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