Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Breakfast in Dorne

Some time ago, I treated myself to A Feast of Ice and Fire, the official Game of Thrones cookbook. It's a mouthwatering collection, which came out of the blog Inn at the Crossroads, and has been endorsed by George RR Martin, who says he has tried several of the dishes that have been included. "I can't cook," he says in the introduction, but fans have turned up to book signings across the United States with lemon cakes and meat pies and other goodies for him to try.
The book is helpfully laid out with an original medieval or Roman or Elizabethan recipe, followed by a modern equivalent, and has a quotation from the books for each recipe - and lots of glossy pictures of the food.

I haven't actually tried any of the recipes yet, but I have eggs I need to use up, so last night I looked through the book and found the recipe for "Breakfast in Dorne". It's hot weather here at the moment, just right for the spicy food that Dorne seems to specialise in. The book is American, of course, so some of the terms are unfamiliar. Along with the eggs, there are various sorts of peppers - I'm pretty confident I know what a jalapeno pepper is, but the bell peppers are divided into "orange" and "cherry - in different colours", and I really have no idea what cubanelle or poblano peppers are! (I know, Google is my friend....).
More to the point, I don't think my local friendly greengrocer knows what the different sorts of peppers are, either. So I bought a selection of peppers that are available here, and I'm good to go! In fact, at the end of the recipe, the authors suggest improvisation, according to how spicy you want the dish to be.
So that's tomorrow evening's dinner organised - and if it goes well, perhaps I'll move on to a Sansa salad, or white beans and bacon - but maybe not the honey-spiced locusts from Meereen!

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