Sunday, 11 May 2014

Shape-changers and Serendipity

I love doing research, especially when things fall so neatly into place as they did the other day.
I needed the name of a castle, preferably French or Burgundian, for a small fortress some of my characters were visiting. A bit of footling around on Google and I found a rather nice little castle called Brancion. Which would do nicely. The description of it said that it had been held by the Garoux family - and that is such a wonderful example of serendipity!
Loup-garoux is French for werewolf, and another character in the story is a shape-changer who leads a wolf pack. I had intended him to be a different nationality, but it only needed a very slight change to make him Yves Garoux, the master of Brancion castle, and to have the Garoux family coat of arms (black and silver stripes) as the flag flying from the gatehouse.

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