Saturday, 3 May 2014

Finding some good insults!

My story writing has been pretty much on the back burner for a while, but I'm having a lazy weekend at the moment - which could be useful writing time! So I had a clear-out of my "in-tray" where I keep my scribbled notes, and found a good scene to start myself off again.
One of my characters is having her mind controlled by one of the bad guys, and I wanted her to fight it off by using her superior knowledge of old SF TV shows. After all, SF characters have to deal with this sort of thing all the time!
At first, I thought of the classic Star Trek episode What Are Little Girls Made Of?, where a clone of Kirk is sent back from the planet to take control of the ship, and the original Kirk makes sure he implants an insult to Spock which will alert Spock to the imposter: "Mind your own business, Mr Spock. I'm sick of your half-breed interference."
That wasn't quite right if I was thinking of mind control, though.
This Side of Paradise not only has Spock being mind controlled by an alien plant, but also a string of deliciously insulting dialogue from Kirk as he tries to make Spock snap out of it by goading him to anger. I can throw in a few lines about Jedi mind tricks - and possibly "Eldrad must live" from Sarah Jane's last Doctor Who story, but "mutinous, disloyal, computerised half-breed" has got to be at the heart of the scene!

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