Friday, 17 January 2014

Work in Progress

Paula Lofting, author of Sons of the Wolf, is playing a game where you post two paragraphs of your Work In Progress, from page 7, and then tag seven other authors who will do likewise. I'm not one of the authors tagged, and I don't know seven other authors to tag myself, but I thought I'd like to play anyway. This is from Lost Treasure of Ytir, sequel to Quarter Day, and it's Young Adult Fantasy:

"Not far now, miss." Her guide was an grey bearded man, dressed in the green jerkin of a forester - close enough to the livery of one of the Duke's Foresters to be mistaken for one of them at a glance, but different enough that he could claim not to be impersonating one of them if he was questioned about it. Arian still wasn't sure whether his first language was Tiraeg or Occitan - he spoke the one with the accent of Tir Twrch and the other with the accent that she supposed must be of Segur. She wasn't convinced that his name was Dickon, either.
"There's a fork in the track ahead," he went on, in Tiraeg. "Partriseau is one way, and off to the side there's the hermit's house and the spring. They're building a little chapel in the village, I've heard, for the pilgrims."

This will probably not end up on page 7, because I'm writing a couple of new scenes at the beginning to set the scene better (after my Young Man read the first draft and said "Huh? What's going on?")

New Year's Resolution - Finish the Damn Book!

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