Monday, 27 January 2014

Pilgrims and Posies: Pipe Music from Underground

Pilgrims and Posies: Pipe Music from Underground: About seven years ago, around the same time I got hooked into bagpipes and their music, I was preparing an exhibition looking at Cheshire wr...

I've recently finished reading Boneland by Alan Garner, which is a sort of sequel to the Wierdstone of Brisingamen and Moon of Gomrath.  It's quite a sad book, but there is hope there too.  Colin has grown up with no memories at all of his life before he was thirteen, and he now works at Jodrell Bank, lives in a cabin on Alderley Edge (with an impressive wine cellar in a cave), and is going mad.  His new therapist is - unusual in her working practices, but does seem to be digging down to what is at the root of his problems.  As Alan Garner often does, there is a parallel plot in the far distant past, about a man who is a sort of magical caretaker of the Edge.
What links the book to the post from Pilgrims and Posies, is that Colin was struck by lightning at Stormy Point on the Edge when he was thirteen (in Moon of Gomrath), and Stormy Point features again in Boneland.  So the story of Alan Garner's brother and his real life experiences in the same place is interesting.

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