Monday, 26 December 2016

Agent Carter

I actually got the Season 2 DVD a little before Christmas - I don't watch TV all that fast!
But I had been looking forward to this, after loving Season 1, and it didn't disappoint. Whitney Frost was a satisfying villainess, Peggy Carter had two handsome men to choose from in the romantic stakes, and a fairly brutal heart to heart conversation with Jarvis - and we finally got to meet Mrs Jarvis, who was delightful. Dottie Underwood is back, too, and looks fantastic in a black evening dress while beating up bad guys. And Rose from the front office and Dr Samberley (who no-one likes) get to go on an important mission.
The scene shifted from last season's New York to Los Angeles (Howard Stark has started making movies), and there's a lot about old white men keeping power to themselves, while women and people of colour (like Whitney and Jason Wilkes the black scientist) are marginalised.
Also a lot of rats are killed.
Jack (now SSR Chief in New York) is seduced by the Dark Side, and people watch nuclear explosions with no protection apart from sunglasses.
The last scene is a set up for a third season - I do hope they make one!

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