Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Goodbye, Lady Penelope

Sad news today that Sylvia Anderson, best known as the voice of Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds, has died, aged 88. She did a lot more behind the scenes than just the voice, of course.
As a lifetime fan of Thunderbirds (I remember watching it in the 1960s), I was really pleased that the new Thunderbirds series had found a place for Sylvia Anderson in the production. She plays the voice of the new Lady Penelope's aunt (or possibly great aunt) and gets that iconic line:
"'Ome, milady?"
"Home, Parker."

[Edited to add: I've just seen Designated Driver, the episode in which Lady Sylvia appears, and she never gets to say that line, though I'm sure I remember it being said in the interview I heard with Sylvia Anderson a while ago. The episode is great fun, though, and Lady Sylvia is awesome in her Mary Quant style mini dress. There's also a special appearance of FAB 0 - the original 1960s style FAB 1 Rolls Royce.]

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