Friday, 4 December 2015

Anthony Valentine

One of my teenage heartthrobs, when I was ever so slightly obsessed with Raffles, has just died.

The 1970s was a good time to find Anthony Valentine on screen - often as a baddie (the Nazi officer in Colditz for example) but I also remember an episode of Pathfinder where he played the pilot of a Lancaster bomber whose crew had all baled out over France - he was flying the damaged plane back across the Channel alone, and about half way through the episode he started hallucinating. It was a gripping piece of television. (Who remembers Pathfinder now?)
He was also wonderfully scary as the Baron de Belleme, master of black magic, in Robin of Sherwood - I think he even scared the Sheriff!

And as my Young Man put it, he was always the most elegant man in the room.
So I was sad to hear yesterday that he has died, at the age of 76.

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