Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Trowelblazers - Edith Guest

There's not a lot on the web about Edith Guest.

She was a student and friend of Margaret Murray, and went with Margaret Murray and Gertrude Caton Thompson to Malta, where they excavated the Bronze Age megalithic monuments of Santa Sfia, Santa Maria tal Bakkari, Għar Dalam, and Borġ in-Nadur, all of which were threatened by the construction of a new aerodrome.

As a result of the excavations in Malta, Margaret Murray was invited to dig in Minorca, and Edith Guest went with her. Together, they excavated the megalithic sites of Trapucó and Sa Torrera, resulting in the publication of Cambridge Excavations in Minorca.

Later, Edith Guest dug in Cyprus - she is the co-author of Excavations at Erimi 1933 - 35, with Porphyrios Dikaios and V Seton-Williams. The Italian Archaeological Mission was digging the same site in 2012. It's a large Bronze Age settlement.
And that's about it.

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