Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Thin Ice

Recently, I've started collecting audio dramas from Big Finish, the company that produces Doctor Who dramas involving many members of the classic cast. I've been enjoying the adventures of the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, and his companions Charley Pollard and Lucie Miller - there have been some extremely good stories, including Chimes of Midnight and Sisters of the Flame (which not only features the Sisterhood of Karn, but also has the voices of Alexander Siddig and Nikolas Grace in the cast!)
Branching out a bit from the Doctor who sadly never was on TV, my Young Man gave me Thin Ice, by Marc Platt, a Seventh Doctor and Ace story which was originally intended for the Seventh Doctor after the series was cancelled. Now the story is on audio, they can set it in Moscow with a huge parade in Red Square without worrying about the budget. The plot concerns Ice Warriors and dodgy East End gangsters in Cold War Moscow, a fish finger warehouse on the Thames, and an ancient Martian weapon, as well as some dubious dealings by the Time Lords - it's superbly good, and I'll be getting more of the Seventh Doctor's adventures soon.

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