Thursday, 20 December 2012

Welcome to Ytir!

This is actually my second attempt to have a blog dedicated to my burblings about fantasy, history, old Hollywood, historical re-enactment, and other things that make me happy but which have nothing to do with Hay-on-Wye, which is the subject of my main blog, Life in Hay. The first time I tried this, with Gateway to Ytir, it got infected with malware from a site I'd innocently linked to - publetariat. So I shan't be going anywhere near there again!

The main reason for this blog is that, like many others in the blogosphere, I am an aspiring writer, and you can find my fantasy novels Raven's Heir and Like Father, Like Daughter on Smashwords, as well as a free short story called Ice Magic. They can be found at for Raven's Heir for Like Father, Like Daughter
and for a free taster of my writing with the short story Ice Magic.

Morwenna is one of the characters in my stories - a frail old lady who spends most of her time at the top of a tower overlooking the sea, talking to ravens and seagulls. She can control the Element of Air, and rules her lands of Ravenscar with a velvet glove over a steel talon!
I love writing about powerful old ladies!